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Dealing with Keratosis Pilaris this Winter 2


Cold weather, central heating, and low humidity can wreak havoc to your skin, especially if you have keratosis pilaris. Here, we share some tips on how to manage it this winter season.

Healthy Skin Tips for the Elderly 0

Our body changes as we age, and we usually see these changes on our skin. Skin care is important for all ages, especially to seniors, as they are more prone to skin issues such as scaling, itching, dryness, ulcerations, and infections. As an older adult, these tips are specifically designed to help you with your skin:

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Antihistamines Could Be Drying Your Skin 3

People with allergies have come to love that trusty medicine, antihistamine, to rid their selves of those nasty allergic reactions.  Every time a person’s nose starts to get stuffy or his/her skin starts to itch his/her go-to response is to pop an antihistamine and go on with their day. 

But some people are starting to experience the side effect of popping one too many antihistamines and though it helps to curb that allergic reaction the downside to this medicine is dry skin.

Why Do I Keep Itching? 0

Scratching an itch on your skin is as normal as coughing when water goes down the wrong way, so you will rarely notice if it’s something significant. But in fact, there are lots of things going on when your skin starts to itch, and here are some details on why you have itchy skin.

How to Prevent Eczema? Stop it Before it Happens 2

Are you aware that over 10 million people suffer from this skin condition called eczema? It is sad but true; millions of people have acquired this skin condition. The sad part is that many people do not even know that there are certain things they can do in their lives to prevent further outbreaks from occurring.

You can even take steps today on how to prevent eczema; stop it before it happens.