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3 Laundry Tips for People with Eczema 0

Living with eczema can be difficult. Even the most mundane things in our lives, such as picking out clothes, can already be a difficult hurdle for people with this condition. One particular hurdle that people with eczema have to go through is making sure that their clothes won’t aggravate their condition. 

Even if your whole attire is hypoallergenic, if you’re not careful in how you wash them chances are you’ll still trigger your eczema and suffer for it. Fortunately, there are ways to make sure that your clothes, or the way you wash them, won’t aggravate your eczema and here are three tips to help you with that:

Morning Rituals for People with Eczema 0

When you’re suffering from eczema every morning requires a few rituals that you should practice religiously so that you’ll get to enjoy the rest of the day with minor to zero disturbances from your skin condition.

3 Alternatives If You're Allergic To Band-Aids 1

Even the items that are supposed to help heal our wounds can be the ones that could aggravate our condition. Take for example band-aids and bandages that can trigger an allergic reaction. They’re supposed to heal our wounds but some people who are allergic to adhesives and latex can exacerbate their wounds if these are used on them.


Better Alternatives to Scratching an Itch 0

 When we itch we automatically look for that area of our body that’s making us annoyed and bear down on it with all the fury that our fingernails can unleash on that pesky itch. The immediate relief from scratching an itch is like a short preview of what heaven must feel like—a heavy dose of relief. But unbeknownst to us there is a danger to scratching an itch especially if you’re suffering from eczema.