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3 Different Ways Lupus Affects the Skin 9

While nothing can substitute an effective treatment agreed by both the patient and the patient, certain health habits may still contribute to relieving the effects of lupus to the skin.

The 7-Point Checklist for National Healthy Skin Month 13

It has been said that the eyes are the window to one's soul, but here in Cottonique, we view the skin as a window into a person's general well-being.

3 Comfort-Driven Socks That Could Help Ease Neuropathic Feet 75

Our hypoallergenic socks, made with 100% organic cotton fibers, may provide  some kind of relief to people battling neuropathic pain in their feet. Try to wear a pair and complement the experience with several self-care and home remedies useful in alleviating the painful symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.

Top Culprits That Trigger Skin Reactions 24


Living with allergies is not a joke. It requires careful skin care routines, meticulous choosing of products, and religiously taking of preventive medicines. Here, we list some of the common skin irritants found at home that can trigger skin reactions, or contact dermatitis. By identifying these triggers, you can take proper precautions in your own home.